When it comes to Facebook Messenger Marketing and chatbots, we prefer to work with the ManyChat platform. Here's what we need you to do in order to setup a new ManyChat account, link it to your Facebook Page and grant access to us to build your bot. There is a free tier which is enough to started, however we will usually require you to sign up for a ManyChat Pro Plan which starts around $15/month. This gives us all features we need.

There are 9 steps to this process. Please complete them all, and then send us the URL you receive in the final step.

1. Head to ManyChat.com and click Get Started Free.

2. Click Sign in with Facebook to log into ManyChat using your Facebook account. This is the only way you can log into ManyChat.

3. Make sure your correct profile is showing and click Continue.

4. Click OK to grant ManyChat access to your Facebook page. They will never post anything on your page, but you need to approve this access.

5. Click Connect to finish connecting your Facebook page to ManyChat.

6. Now that you have linked ManyChat to Facebook, you should be in the ManyChat Dashboard area. Click the blue 'Upgrade to Pro' button in the bottom, left-hand corner of the screen.

7. Click the button again to confirm your upgrade.

8. Now we just need you to grant access to us. From the ManyChat Dashboard, click on Settings > Users > Invite New User

9. Select role 'Admin' and then 'Generate a Link'. This will create a unique URL that you can copy and then email to us at hello@agentdigital.co so we can access your new ManyChat account.